“The founding of Milan Acquisitions is a testimony to our passion for changing the world”. - Olivier Basinga

Olivier Basinga

From humble beginnings in Congo, Africa, Olivier Basinga developed unmatched salesmanship skills to ensure a financial future for himself and his family. Through hard work and extreme dedication, Olivier discovered his passion, and became the top salesman in his field. He quickly outperformed his competitors and exceeded his goals, inciting fire inside of himself to accomplish more. While building his experience in B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer) over a 10-year period, Olivier discovered how truly broken the traditional sales model was. Due to the lack of access to information and training, many people were unable to meet their sales goals. There were no scalable systems in place to ensure success, and ultimately sales people were deemed untrustworthy. 

This broken system became the motivating factor in designing a bigger and better methodology to sales. Olivier wanted a way to empower those who were eager to change their life, and ensure security was established for both the salesmen and the consumers. Thus, Milan Acquisitions was born.

In the beginning of Milan Acquisitions, Olivier managed teams of 15+ sales representatives at a time, in various locations across Canada. Being the visionary that he is, Olivier strove to make his Sales Trainings more widely accessible so that anyone could achieve financial freedom. Utilizing the specialized techniques, skills, and knowledge gained from decades of industry experience, he produced Milan’s  individual coaching sessions, group mentoring program, and 5-day Bootcamps that are now available as you see them today.

Ensuring Milan’s courses were unlike any others, it was imperative that all training and programs were accessible, affordable, and rich with content. In tandem with the growth in the world of sales, the programs are continuously evolving, ensuring there is always up to date information, and new techniques.

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